Gambling is an activity in which people try to outsmart the odds by betting on the outcome of a game of chance. Gambling has 3 prominent types and these are card games, table games and casino games. But most of them involve taking risks with money or property.

Gambling vs. Betting

Not because you’re wagering on something, you’re automatically gambling on it.

There are times in which it falls on a different category and that is what we are going to try to differentiate.


Betting is the act of predicting the outcome of an event with little to no stakes involved. In addition, it’s more about having fun and learning about probability prediction skills.


Gambling is more addictive than betting because it involves tangible rewards like cash and prizes.

With this in mind, depending on what type of person are you when putting stakes on your favorite sports or player, it is going to identify whether you’re a gambler or a responsible punter.