Gambling can be addictive, which means you might find yourself spending more time and money than you originally intended. Knowing the type of gambler you are is important to be able to avoid addiction.

High Roller

High rollers will spend on gambling because they enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with risk. They’ll seek out a game or event with a high cost-to-win ratio.

Addictive Personality

If you have such personality, then gambling offers an escape from everyday life and allows you to feel like someone else for a while.

You’ll also find yourself using your gambling in different ways throughout the day: for entertainment, for stress relief, for socializing—basically anything that helps distract from your daily life.

Does gambling give you false hope? This type of gambler needs to feel in control at all times—gambling provides a sense of power over circumstances outside of your control (like financial troubles) or gives them hope when they’re feeling down (like if they’re going through a divorce).