With all the fun of sports betting, of course, above all, no compulsive behavior should occur. Anyone who wants to bet online on sporting events should therefore always be in good control and, above all, not be guided by emotions or feelings. Even if the risk of addiction when football betting is probably significantly lower, there is still a small group of people for whom gambling has become a compulsive behavior.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is scientifically referred to as pathological gambling. It refers to the inability to resist an impulse to place bets or engage in other gambling. Officially, more men than women are affected. In fact, it is not just a term, but a tangible disease. It is difficult to really discover symptoms of a possible illness, but every tipper can question himself and thus provide clarity.


Gambling addiction: This is how every tipster can test himself

As a rule, the process of a possible addiction does not appear overnight, but develops insidiously. If you recognize the signs early on, you can avoid some problems.

The occasional bet

The occasional bet or game is of course not yet a tangible sign of an addiction. Instead, at this point in time everything is usually still in the best of order. So there is no reason to speak of compulsive behavior in the case of occasional betting pleasure.

Doggedness arises

The first tendencies towards the fact that betting is no longer just for the fun of it. However, things are slowly moving in the direction of a possible addiction are provided by doggedness. This is often expressed in the form of wishful thinking.  Many betting fans have certainly expressed at some point. Here, too, one can at most speak of a trend. However, it is important to note here that for some typists it can only be a small step before doggedness turns into convulsive behavior.

Losing control

Anyone who has ever found that they have lost an excessive amount of money in one day should take a few days off. Especially when even high losses are forgotten after a few hours or days, your own betting behavior should be reconsidered. Otherwise there is a risk of a total loss of control at this point, which can then lead to betting addiction.