It can be categorically stated that the games available at San Francisco casinos are the main thing in which bettors are interested. After all, that is the whole objective of gambling. There are many different casino games available, along with tournaments one of them is the Roulette. There are three main Roulette variants; American Roullete, European Roulette and French Roulette, and this article will focus on American Roulette.

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The Basics

A classic of Las Vegas culture is American roulette. A double zero is added to the wheel for this game, making a total of 38 pockets. The odds of a player winning are impacted by this additional pocket, but the rules are not altered. With a house edge of 5.26%, this variation of roulette has worse chances than European roulette.


3 Steps to Play American Roulette Online


  1. Place a bet by choosing the size of your wagering chips. After that, place your chips on the wager you want to make.
  2. Spin the wheel anytime by pressing the “spin” button. The ball will then be released and enter the simulated wheel.
  3. Wait for the result, as soon as the wheel stops, the ball will fall into a pocket. To generate the results in online roulette games a random number generator is used.