Even though San Francisco has a long history of being one of the nation’s most favored poker venues, yet no statewide legislation governing internet poker or gambling has been successful in California attempting to make it legal. However, there are no regulations prohibiting residents of California from playing real money poker games online.

San Franciscans will probably be able to play real money online poker within the next year, yet there are still many options available for online poker sites. It provides poker players with a wide range of alternatives for online gaming and are accessible by everyone in the United States. These are the Social gaming and sweepstakes poker sites.


Social and Sweepstakes online poker 

Today’s most popular sweepstakes website is Global Poker. It plays its games with virtual currencies rather than actual money, similar to other sweepstakes online poker rooms. Players who win after using the virtual currencies can exchange their earnings for cash rewards.


Global Poker Games

The website offers tournaments where you may use the site’s virtual currencies as well as “cash” games.

At Global Poker, tournaments are particularly well-liked, because Global Poker is accessible in almost all US states and much of Canada, which can occasionally have massive fields and large prize pools.